Spider Paper Plate Craft

We love paper plate crafts. They are often easy to make and fun too.  We have been talking about bugs at the house this summer.  The boys are fascinated by them.  My oldest seems to really like them. However, little brother is more like me and only likes the plastic ones. One morning little brother requested we do a craft.  I opened a cabinet and I first noticed the paper plates.  I grabbed them and started thinking what we had to go with them and making spiders came to mind.  So that is what we created, Spider Paper Plates.  He really enjoyed this craft project and so did I.  Bugs and crafts are good with the 2 of us.
Spider Paper Plate Craft

Spider Paper Plate Craft


note: spiders have 8 legs but we did make some with 6.


What we used:

paper plates

googly eyes ( often from packs craftprojectideas has gifted us)

construction paper



stapler (I used)

Little brother is 3 yr and he LOVES cutting paper right now.  So turning our spiders into a scissor skills craft was perfect for him.

Scissor skills work on fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

After cutting up a lot of paper he glued it down to the paper plate.  I cut strips of paper to make spider legs.  I folded them over and over to get the wrinkled look.

He glued on googly eyes to the colorful spiders.  The bright colored paper was a great time to go over colors with him.  I took the spiders and stapled the legs to them.  Now we had fun spiders, the not alive kind.

Spider Paper Plate Craft

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