Sponge Bomb Painting

One afternoon the kids kept telling me how bored they were.  All of my suggestions for playtime seemed to be a miss with them. Finally after a little extra thought I came up with a fun sponge bomb painting activity for us to try. This is a great sensory art project that also works on gross motor skills.   I was so glad they liked  one of my ideas and we headed outside for some summer fun!


sponge bomb painting for kids. Fun sensory art for summer.

Sponge Bomb Painting

supplies for sponge bomb painting

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Supplies/what we used:


Sponge Bombs


plastic bowls


finger paint- similar to Crayola 6 Count Fingerpaints (8 Ounces)

table roll paper- similar to Dynarex Table Paper, 21 Inches, 12 Count


package tape
summer art project

How we did our sponge bomb paintings:


To start I took our roll of table paper and taped it to our fence.  I tried to make a big enough area for the kids to sponge paint.  I would have preferred using about 4-6 white poster boards but the table paper was on hand.  The poster board is thicker than the table paper and would have prevented the small tears we had in our paper.  Once the paper was taped in place I filled 3 plastic bowls with finger paint.  I added a little bitty bit of water and mixed with a sponge.  You can make as many colors of paint as you want but we went with just 3.  I tried to keep one sponge bomb per color paint bowl.  Now it was time to PAINT!


sponge painting for kids

The kids soaked up paint on the sponge bombs and then threw them at the paper to start.  Throwing the sponge bombs is a fun gross motor activity.

large scale painting


The kids then wanted to try stamping with the sponge bombs on the paper.  Last the kids used the sponge bombs as paint brushes.  All 3 ways worked to paint the paper but the one that was the most exciting was throwing the sponge bombs at the paper.


Sponge bomb painting was a great boredom buster for my kids on this one afternoon.  This is messy but worth it.  Now to find more ways to entertain my crew.

painting for kids



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