St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Sink

My son has been really enjoying sensory sink play lately. I have teamed up with another blogging mom (Ann from My Nearest and Dearest) and we are going to be bringing you all Sensory Sink Sundays in March.  We have had a lot of fun with the sinks we have played in already and look forward to sharing them with you soon.  But in the meantime I wanted to share the St. Patrick’s Day sensory sink we played in.  I usually create a holiday themed bath for my boys with each holiday that comes up.  For this holiday I decided to make a sensory sink instead.  Big brother really had a lot of fun playing in this sink.  Little brother even got a few minutes in it before water went flying. (I have created him a more toddler friendly sensory sink play and hope to share it with you in the future-never enough time in a day to share all I want).  
St. Patrick's Day Sensory Sink

 St. Patrick’s Day Sensory SinkSt. Patrick's Day Sensory Sink

Supplies/What I used:
foam clovers I got at dollar tree, pom poms, yellow water beads, cauldrons from Halloween as pots, small bowls and spoons( multi-colored), fake gold coins, cups, and a few skittles.
What I did: 
I set the foam clovers down in the sink, placed bowls and spoons around the sink, placed the coins around the sink, set out cups, I put water beads and pompoms in the pots, and last added a rainbow sign to the mirror.  I left the sink empty so my son could fill it with water.  He loves turning on the water and filling the sink himself. 
St. Patrick's Day Sensory Sink
Our Sensory Sink Play:
St. Patrick's Day Sensory Sink
Big brother had a lot of fun filling the sink with water.  Then he tasted the skittles.  He added the water beads and pom poms to the water.  He filled his bowls and cups with water and poured them back and forth.  He dumped them and filled them again.  He said he was making rainbow soup.
St. Patrick's Day Sensory Sink
Little brother came in from playing with daddy and started feeling all the items in the sink.  He then went to picking out the pom poms and putting them in the bowl.  He can not reach in the sink and around it as well as big brother.  He was having fun though.  After a little play he got carried away and poured water out all over the floor.  I did have towels down under them but I chose to let big brother have his sink back and little brother and I went to start dinner.
Playing in the sink is always fun.  So glad my son inspired me to start these sensory sinks for him.  He is learning through play every time he gets in the sink.

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