St Patrick’s Day: Wee Clover Men

When I saw these cute little guys I new we had to try it out from Sweet and Lovely Crafts.  So I went through my craft supplies to see what I could come up with.  I knew my son would have so much fun making these.  We could use his finished work as decoration for St. Patrick’s Day.

wee-clover-men-st patricks day-craft-for-kids


St. Patrick’s Day -Wee Clover Men

What we used:

  • toilet paper rolls
  • construction paper ( we used green and yellow) You could use tissue paper, wrapping paper..
  • Markers, crayons(could use paint but I didn’t feel like getting that out today)
  • googly eyes(optional)
  • decorations: we had pipe cleaners, ribbon,stickers, and puff balls)
  • glue, scissors, Shamrock or clover template from sweet and lovely crafts., I had little popsicle sticks to hold on clovers and got the glue gun out.
kids craft

I started out by letting big brother color his sheet of paper we used to cover the tp(toilet paper) roll with.

I then cut his paper to fit the tp roll.  He then used his glue stick all over the back of the construction paper.

wee clover men

He then helped me roll a tp roll over the paper. We then moved on to adding our googly eye to our clovers we cut out from the template we printed earlier.


I took my little popsicle stick and hot glued it in the tp roll and went ahead and glued the clover on it too.

We added our decorations to the toilet paper roll and clovers.

I used paper for the arms.  Cut paper in strips and fold over and over on top of each other, then let it go.  It comes out crinkled.  Glue these to sides of tp roll.

And now we have our clover men.
st patricks day kid craft

We had a lot of fun making our St. Patrick’s Day clover men and they were great decorations.  We hope you can have some fun making these too.

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