Star Wars Sparkle Dough


We love Star Wars.  When I saw we had sparkle dough coming up for 12 months sensory dough I knew we would have to make Star Wars Sparkle Dough.  Sparkly space dough would be so much fun to make and even more fun to play with.  A great excuse for the kids to get the Star Wars toys out.  Not that they need one.  I find Star Wars mixed in with cars, blocks, story time…  So sparkle dough and Star Wars toys seemed like a great way to spend an afternoon at play. The kids just loved this recipe and activity.

Star Wars Dough Recipe



Star Wars Sparkle Dough


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Supplies/what we used:




black food coloring- one we have Americolor Food Color, 13.5-Ounce, Super Black


hair conditioner




gold sequins


Star Wars toys- similar to ours Star Wars Playskool Heroes Jedi Force Death Star Escape Set



How to make/what we did:

I placed a bowl on the counter with supplies.  I had no clue what to do.  I poured out a little cornstarch in the bowl to start.  Now I added a LOT of black food coloring and hair conditioner.  I mixed it with my hands.  I kept adding black food coloring and hair conditioner until it was moldable.  Now I took the sequins and poured some in my hands.  I then took the ball of Star Wars Dough and rolled it in my hands to pick up the gold sequins.  Now we had Star Wars SPARKLE Dough!




Simple setup for playtime often works best for us.  I sat out the Star Wars Sparkle Dough and a few Star Wars toys.  Then let the kids take over and play.  They stuck the toys in the space dough to start.  Then smashed it and stuck them in again.



Of course my oldest molded the dough around Han Solo and trapped him inside.  When it was time to clean up I was not sure what happened to Han until my son told me he was stuck inside the dough.  I ran hot water over the toys for clean up.  And placed the remaining dough in a ziploc bag.  I am not sure how long it will keep.  But we hope to play with it again.

Star Wars Sparkle Dough Recipe



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