Steak Fried Rice

I love Chinese food!  I wish all of my kids did too.  However, I have one that will eat it, one that wants the steak/meat out of it, and one that likes the chinese buffet that has cheese sticks, lol. So, needless to say, we do not go out to eat Chinese often because we still have hungry kids after.  Chinese is usually a date night dinner for my husband and I. I decided the other day to make steak fried rice at home.  This way I could make something everyone could eat from this one meal idea.  This was an easy meal fix for me and my family.

steak fried rice easy dinner idea


Steak Fried Rice



Ingredients/what I used:


white rice


frozen peas and carrots


2 eggs


sesame seed oil




So you probably wonder how I got my non Chinese eating kid to eat this.  I saved white rice for him to eat by itself before I finished turning it into fried rice.


How to make steak fried rice:


Start by making white rice.  Make enough for your family.  I boiled 2 & 3/4 cups of water with a dash of salt.  Once the water was boiling I added 2 cups of rice.  I covered and turned the heat down low.  I cooked for 20 minutes.   Once the rice was done, I sat some white rice to the side for my one child.


In a pan, I put a little butter and cooked 2 scrambled eggs.  I added a little salt and pepper for taste.


I took the frozen peas and carrots and cooked them in the microwave.


I added sesame seed oil to my clean pan I made the eggs in.  I put the eggs over in the white rice.  I took the cooked vegetables and let them cook a little bit in the oil to get the taste.  I then added the white rice and eggs to this pan.  The kids came and added a lot of soy sauce to the rice.  We took turns mixing it up.  Now we had yummy fried rice for the rest of us.


Last, I poured the rice back in the pan I cooked it in, to be able to use the other pan to cook the steak.  I got the thin fajita steak at the store for this but you can use whatever you like.  I added a little olive oil to the clean pan.  The kids and I sprinkled season salt on the meat. I cooked the meat in the pan until done.  I transferred it to a plate lined with paper towel.  Now I had meat for the other kid to eat.


So now a family of 5 could sit down and enjoy a little of everything from this one easy meal idea.  Me, my husband, and one child all enjoyed the steak fried rice, once child enjoyed white rice with a side of vegetables, and the other child got steak and yogurt( he loves yogurt).  All in all we got a great meal with no extra hassles for me. I can see us eating this again for dinner in the future.





steak fried rice cooking with kids



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