Straw Rockets

I have been wanting to make straw rockets with the kids for forever.  They are so simple to make.  Why has it taken me this long to do it?  Straw rockets seem to be a timeless activity to try with the kids.  It is a fun way to test how to shoot a paper rocket off a straw and a great boredom buster too.  I grabbed my husband one morning while the older kids were at school for him to help me make the paper rockets.  We had fun shooting them across the room before they got home.  We had to make sure they would work, right.






Straw Rockets

Straw Rockets


Big brother insisted we get these Valentine inspired straws at Target the other day.  I told him we had drinking straws.  He asked again if he could have them.  The idea quickly came to mind for us to make Valentine Straw Rockets.


What we used:


paper straws


copy paper








red sharpie 



straw rockets for kids


What to do:


How to make a straw rocket is the next thing I need to share.  Take a marker or pen larger than the straw and place on the paper.  Put a mark where you want to cut it.  I made sure I could wrap the paper around the marker and than made mark.  Last I cut the paper out.  I then taped the paper down on the top and sides.  My husband got creative and made many shapes and sizes of paper rockets for the straws(using a No. 2 pencil seems to be the best size).  I drew a few red hearts on the paper rockets I made with a sharpie.  Now it was time to shoot the rockets across the room.


straw rockets for kids


The kids could not wait to shoot the straw rockets when they got home from school.  Little brother was the first to try it.  I think they could not wait to hit me with one as I stood in front of them to get a few pictures.  Gosh it was hard to try and capture a shooting rocket on camera.


how to make and launch a straw rocket for kids


 I got a little glimpse of the shooting paper on camera.  Gosh those rockets just blast off the straw so fast.  The kids are 2yr, 3yr, and 6yr.  They all got to try it.  The 3yr and 6yr did great with them.  The 2yr just chewed on the straw and ran around having fun.


straw rockets


 I see us playing with these a lot more in the future.  It is a  fun way to pass the afternoon when you cannot get outside or just need something to do because you are bored.


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