Strawberry Pops

We love trying fun new treats.  Especially holiday treats. With Valentine’s Day coming up we tried turning some of our yummy strawberries into strawberry pops.  We have made banana pops before and the kids loved them so I was sure these would be a hit too. The strawberry pops would make a great Valentine’s day snack or treat too.  I also loved that my kids could help make these with me.




strawberry pops valentine's day snack

Strawberry Pops



Supplies/what we used:




almond bark or white chocolate


lollipop sticks


heart  sprinkles


wax paper

how to make strawberry pops

How to make strawberry pops:


To start I cut on the ends.  I then placed them on a plate.  I inserted the lollipop stick in the end of the strawberry. I took my almond bark and melted it in the microwave for a minute. You just want to be sure it is melted without overheating because it will burn and become clumpy. I took a spoon and added the chocolate to the strawberry until covered.  The kids helped with this too.  After, we placed them on wax paper.  Now add sprinkles.  The multicolored heart sprinkles were a big hit with the kids.  However, you can use any kind of sprinkle you want. We also used pink sugar on a few strawberry pops.


valentine's day snack


We left them on the wax paper to harden. Once hardened, it was time for a taste test.  The kids could not wait for this part. After tasting, the kids gave them 2 thumbs up. We look forward to trying out more fun treats and snacks in the future.


strawberry pops kid snack idea


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