Stylish Crocs for Busy Moms

So when you think of Crocs what comes to mind?  The cute clogs you see kids wearing?  Well, I am here today to tell you they have so much more than just kid’s shoes.  Crocs clogs had just become a “thing” at the office when I left the medical field to be a first time mom.  I always heard so many great stories about them.  They were comfortable and could breathe leaving your feet feeling better after a 12 hour day.  I admit once leaving work I never bought a pair for everyday wear.  Once my first child was old enough to walk his aunt gave him a pair of Croc clogs.  He fell in LOVE with them.  He would not wear anything else.  He is now 6yr and stills gets a new pair of Crocs each year.  After seeing my own son enjoying them I went to their website to look around.  Wow, was I surprised they had super cool and stylish shoes other than the classic clogs.  And for the whole family as well.  I was hooked.  I bought everyone new shoes.  I keep going back and buying us more too.  We have everything from clogs to boots.  I wear Crocs all the time now with my kids and I would not trade them for anything. It is awesome they also have stylish Crocs for us busy moms.  I need a shoe that is cute and comfy while rushing around day in and day out. Crocs are our go-to shoe!  So when we need shoes I know we can find them at or in a store that carries them.

Stylish Crocs for Busy Moms

 Today I would love to share with you the Crocs Spring-Summer 2015 collection.  For this post I received a pair of Crocs, the women’s A-leigh Shimmer Leather Wedge, to try out.  I was super excited that I did not already have this style!   I was happy to put them on and take off on one of my normal busy days with the kids.  From grocery store to birthday party they were great. Then a real fun test was a trip to the park.  I found it so much fun to look stylish and kick the soccer ball around with the boys.  



  They even made it through me crashing after them from field, to swings, to play on the slides.  We had a busy yet fun day!  And we look forward to finding more fun moments as we go.  

   Now tell me, how would you find your FUN in your Crocs?  

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