Sugar Cookie Playdough Recipe

I love the smell of sugar cookies and I love even more that we can buy things like sugar cookie scented candles to burn to make the house smell good without even baking.  Sugar cookie is one of the first scents I think of after peppermint and gingerbread for the holidays.  When I stumbled upon a sugar cookies scented oil I was thrilled.  Oh the possibilities to create sugar cookie sensory play recipes.  I could not wait to put it to use.  This Sugar Cookie Playdough was my first experiment with the new scented oil.
Sugar Cookie Playdough Recipe by FSPDT

Sugar Cookie Playdough Recipe

Sugar Cookie Playdough Recipe by FSPDT

What I used:

Basic playdough ingredients found here and I just added the sugar cookie oil to it.

How To Make:
Follow my trusted recipe here and just add the scented oil to the mix.  The glitter mentioned is optional.  I left it out this time but it could be fun too. Once you are through you will have a wonderful new holiday scented playdough for you and the kids to enjoy.
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