Sugar Cookie Rice {play activity} Sensational Winter Sensory Play

One of my favorite Christmas scents is Sugar Cookie.  I love the smell of sugar cookie candles so the house always smells like I am baking.  I do love baking but not enough time for it lately.  So at least I can still enjoy the sweet smells of fresh cookies through other scented fresheners.  For the last week of Sensational Winter Sensory Play series with Crayon Box Chronicles we are exploring Sensory Rice Play.  While talking about sensory rice my mind quickly went to sugar cookies.  I wasn’t sure how to get that scent until I got lucky and came a cross a great way to do that.  So this week I am able to bring you Sugar Cookie Rice Sensory Activities for Children. 
Sugar Cookie Rice { play activity} Sensational Winter Sensory Play

Sugar Cookie Rice {play activity} Sensational Winter Sensory Play

sensory play ideas
Supplies/What we used:

Sugar cookie rice


Under bed storage container




measuring cups


pom poms




small bowls


How we played:

I set everything up in the under the bed storage container. This is our “sensory bin”.  I had a metal pan I used to set the rice in.  I sat that pan down in the bin and then set everything else around that.  I then left it out for the boys to find on the table.



They could not wait to get started!  My oldest 5 yr loves playing in sensory rice.  We have made apple rice, pumpkin rice, and even played in plain rice.  He loves it all. 


Why we love sensory play:

We love to play and learn over here and sensory activities are great to do just that.  Letting children learn through their senses: touch, taste, sight, smell, sound.  Sensory play also lets them explore, problem solve, work on motor skills, and use their imaginations just to name few ways this is great for the kids.

sensory play

My oldest toddler has just begun to explore with rice.  He has been involved in many other sensory activities but not much with rice. He often throws it everywhere. This was the first time in quite a while that I offered it to him again to try.  He did really well while playing this day.

sugar cookie rice play activity idea for kids. Fun Christmas sensory play ideas.
I can not wait to see what Crayon Box Chronicle came up with for our last week of Sensational Winter Sensory Play Series. Click here to see their  Sticky Scented Rice Christmas Tree.
We have had so much fun playing and exploring with these fun winter sensory activities for children.  Do not worry.  Even though the series is over,  we at  FSPDT will continue to bring you sensory activities for the kids.  It is one of my childrens favorite ways to play.
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