Sugar Plum No Cook Playdough

Sugar Plum No Cook Playdough was inspired by Creative Playhouse One Minute Playdough.  I loved the idea of a no cook and quick playdough recipe.  It has taken me many months to finally get around to trying it.  It is such a fun texture and so easy to make with items you probably have around your house.  I could not wait to present it to the kids for playtime.
Sugar Plum Playdough no cook recipe  

Sugar Plum No Cook Playdough


Supplies/What I used:

sugar plum soap ( I found mine at Target but also saw it at the dollar tree)


food coloring




bowl and spoon



How to make/What I did:

Head over to Creative Playhouse for the directions for One Minute Playdough . I just followed her easy instruction for this easy dough recipe to create my sugar plum scented playdough. 



The kids were not home when I made this no cook playdough.  I wished they had been because the process was fun to watch.  Now it was complete.

sugar plum no cook playdough
I set the boys up with a very simple invitation to play.  Sugar plum playdough, rice mixed with sprinkles, and play kitchen spoons, measuring cups… whatever they had on the porch.  

It worked out that we had a wonderful afternoon for playtime outside this day.  We are still in between really cold days and warm afternoons.  This was one of the warm afternoons.  A fun way to take advantage of it with an afternoon activity, playdough.

You may think playdough and sit at the table, but when my boys start playing on the porch with it they often end up running around with it laughing.  Putting it in their trucks and pushing it around, etc.  Do not get me wrong, some days they sit with the classic playdough tools and play away but not this day.  I just love watching them play.

sugar plum playdough
So, no matter how you choose to play with this no cook playdough, I hope you have fun.  Playdough is one of our go to activities and we have many playdough  recipes and now we have a new one. 


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