Sweet Potato “ooey gooey” Goop- Fall Sensory Table

Since school started back I have been getting in to the fall spirit.  It is one of my favorite times of the year.  The weather cools off and all the fun scents and decorations just make me happy.  So to celebrate the coming of the fall season I set out to set up at least 4 fun fall themed sensory tables for my kids.  We have played in an apple sensory table, a pumpkin spice clean mud, and this week we went with an “ooey gooey” sweet potato goop.  Perfect for fall.
sweet potato goop

 Sweet Potato “ooey gooey” Goop- Fall Sensory Table

I had just as much fun playing in this table as my boys did.  Yes I am a big kid!

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Supplies/What we used:
Cornstarch (us)  Think its corn flour (uk)
plastic tablecloth
frozen sweet potato puree (I used baby food we had on hand that the baby didn’t like) sure a can of sweet potato would work too.  
Scoop (from Target)
trays (from dollar tree last year)
little containers (from IKEA) with water. 
What we did:
I brought everything outside and started setting up.  It didn’t take long.  Maybe 5-10 minutes.  I taped the tablecloth down to the porch.  Put water table on top.  Set the picnic table close by to set other supplies on.  The kids dumped 2 boxes of cornstarch into the water table on each side.  It worked out great to use this water table of ours to give them both their own side.  Then I gave them both a tray worth of sweet potato cubes.  They got the tray with acorns and their scoops out.  They started adding water from their containers.  The cinnamon containers were a BIG hit.  I had one empty one and filled it half way.  So they both had a half bottle of cinnamon to sprinkle.  

They sprinkled cinnamon and squirted water while the sweet potato cubes melted a little.  I had to go back in for a large bowl of water.  This was for us to rinse our hands off in and add more water to the cornstarch until we had a good, “ooey gooey” as little brother kept saying, consistency. 



They both were having so much fun just running their hands through the mixture.  This is so messy yet so much fun. The tablecloth didn’t help at all with the mess but at least I tried. 
 sweet potato goop recipe for messy sensory play
This goop smelled so good.  I wanted to eat it, lol.  But I didn’t.  However, I did get messy with the kids and played in it myself.  I had just as much fun as the boys with this sweet potato sensory table.
Sweet Potato "ooey gooey" Goop- Fall Sensory Table
Playtime is always learning time.  We got to explore our senses.  We got to see a little science by observing what happened to our cornstarch as we added water and frozen sweet potatoes.  We got to use our imaginations and play in our table as we wanted,  learning to play beside one another as we played.  Great hands on and open ended play in which we also got to problem solve how to clean up our mess too.

The kids put the slide back on the table and watched the plastic acorns go flying down, working on their hand muscles as they grasped the small acorns in their hands to put them on the top of the slide.

 sweet potato goop sensory play idea
This week we are serving you “ooey gooey” sweet potato goop sensory table.  We hope you and your kids can enjoy it too!
Sweet Potato "ooey gooey" Goop- Fall Sensory Table

Sweet Potato “ooey gooey” Goop:

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Fall Sensory Table

Another fun fall goop recipe you can check out at Learn Play Imagine.  Allison came up with a Pumpkin Spice Latte Oobleck for her boys to play in this fall.  Love that idea and it looks like lots of fun.
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