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Fork Painted Christmas Tree Craft

We are so excited to start Christmas crafting at the house.  While the kids are little we have enjoyed Christmas with crafting, baking, and playing holiday themed games.  We had some cardboard sitting out and I thought it would be perfect to make fork

Potato Print Witch Craft

What to do when you have a bag of potatoes on the counter that did not get eaten in time, make print art!  We love simple arts and crafts at my house.  So when I realized the potatoes started sprouting I grabbed the paint

DIY Cinnamon Scented Paint Recipe

  I love Christmas time and all the scents that come with it.  Cinnamon is one of the first scents to come to mind when I think of Christmas.  The kids asked if they could paint with some ornaments we bought at the store

DIY Christmas gift bags

I was once extremely organized and always had my son’s teachers gifts ready ahead of time.  Well this year I have been a more last minute gal.  That is exactly why we made these DIY gift bags by the kids.  I was frantic and