The Very Busy Spider book with snack and simple activity

We went to the library to play with their puzzles and get out of the house. Of course we came home with books.  This is one of them we came home with: The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle.  I have been trying to do little snack and crafts with my boys this summer.  I used this book to make a snack and a simple activity.

The Very Busy Spider book with snack and simple activity

The Very Busy Spider book with snack and simple activity


Spider sandwich:

I ended up making my son a spider sandwich that day at lunch after reading this book that morning. 
This was not planned ahead. I just grabbed things we had on hand to make the best spider looking sandwich I could. I used cheese puffs as legs, m&m’s as eyes(you could use raisins), and a glass to make the circle for the body.

the very busy spider book
the very busy spider book

This is how I cut out the body in above picture.

the very busy spider book

Big brother helped me add the cheese puff legs and I added the m&m’s as eyes.  We did peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  He really liked it and ate the whole thing!

Simple spider activity from the heart:
I didn’t have any spider activities planned for us.  When big brother’s great grandma stopped by for a visit that week they came up with an unplanned activity.  It is so simple but so precious to me.  While reading they drew pictures of spiders and webs.  I love that they bonded over this book.  My grandma is here visiting from Florida.  We love any time we can spend with her.  I love that her and big brother’so to activity seems to be reading.  When she got here she brought gifts & books!  Yay, we love books.  So if you are looking for a simple activity to go with a book draw a picture with  your child.

Big brother and his great grandma. Drawing the web.


Priceless memories made while reading a book.

the very busy spider book

Their picture.

I know big brother enjoyed his time with Grams this day and I know I will hold this memory in my heart forever.

What are some fun spider activities you love. 

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