Thomas The Train Bath For Kids

So do we have any other Thomas fans out here?  My kids love Thomas the train.  We watch the Thomas cartoons, the movies, read the books, have the toys, wear the shirts, go to see him at Day Out With Thomas once a year…  We just can’t get enough Thomas over here.  So Thomas is often on my mind.  We also love bath time at our house.  I love finding simple ways to make bath time a little more fun for the kids.  I put the two ideas together to create the kids a Thomas the Train Bath.  Simple and oh so much fun. 
Thomas The Train Bath for kids

What I did for the train bath:  I bought these foam trains at the dollar tree during Christmas and have been holding on to them for the perfect time to use them.  This was that time.  I put water on the backs of them and stuck them to the side on the tub.  I took some of our Thomas books by  Rev. W. Awdry and set them on the side of the tub for us to read while playing.  I got out the kid,s Thomas the train hats and their train whistles.  Since one of the books talks about green train and blue train I made them one blue pudding cup and one green pudding cup( I just added a few drops of food coloring to vanilla pudding cups).  The kids could use the pudding to paint with or just eat.Now they were ready for a Thomas Bath!
Thomas The Train Bath
The kids couldn’t wait to get in the tub and I couldn’t get them out either.  We read stories, talked about the colors of the puddings and foam trains.  They blew their whistles and painted the foam trains with the pudding.  They ate some of the pudding and then played some more.  It didn’t take me a lot of effort or prep to create this fun bath for my boys.  Once they were through with the pudding we rinsed the mess right down the drain.  Clean up was like play time to them too.  Then we filled the tub for a bath.  Simple bath time fun.  It seems I keep saying “simple is not boring”. They really did have a blast in the tub.

Thomas The Train Bath
If you have a Thomas or just train fan we hope you might enjoy a train bath too.
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