Thumbprint Hearts on Burlap Bags


 I found the cutest little burlap bags at Target.  These bags are so cute on their own but I wanted to add a little FSPDT touch to them before we gave them to the kid’s teachers with their Valentine’s Day gifts inside.  Simple, yet adorable print art would work great.  I set out to make it happen.


 Day 4 of We Heart Print Crafts brought to you by us and House of Burke!


thumbprint hearts on burlap bag


 Thumbprint Hearts on Burlap Bags


thumbprint hearts on burlap bags

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What to use/supplies:


burlap bags- one option below to find if you do not find them at Target…

 6″ x 10″ Burlap Bags with Natural Jute Drawstring – 10 Pack – Medium Burlap Pouch Sack Favor Bag for Showers Weddings Parties and Receptions – 6×10 inch


white paint- ideally fabric paint but when in  a jam we used our craft paint.

Tulip Soft Fabric Paint 4oz Matte Glacier White




Little kids and their thumbs



thumbprint hearts


How to make/what we did:


I love simple and not a lot of clean up.  I used the tag I cut off to squeeze a little white paint on.  The tag was just big enough for me to use to dip the kids thumb in.  And one less paper plate in the trash, one less thing on the counter, and the tag was going in the trash anyways, lol.   I dipped my son’s thumb in the paint and helped him to make prints on the burlap bag.  We did them in the shape of a heart.  This works better if you put a piece of paper towel in the bag.  This keeps the paint from bleeding though to the other side.  We had to do several prints (one on top of the other) to get the paint to show up well.  The burlap soaks up the paint fast.  After several thumbprints though the color was just right.  We left the bag to dry.  I just loved how they turned out.


thumbprint hearts on burlap bag






Now we have a personalized gift bag for the kids to give their teachers with their gifts inside.  




Now I can not wait to see what Blayne is sharing today on House of Burke: 



Lovebug Fringerprint Craft 


we heart print crafts

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