Tic Tac Toe Busy Bag

 This month’s busy bag post is Valentine’s Day themed!  I have a stack of felt that has been siting on a shelf for some time now.  These busy bag posts have given me good reason to use them.  Last month we shared a Snowman busy bag.  This month I have a Tic Tac Toe Busy Bag to share with you.  I love how easy it was to make and how much the kids enjoyed it.  The even better part is they get to enjoy it over and over again.       Tic Tac Toe                   tic tac toe busy bag   What I used:   felt sheets from walmart in multiples colors   ribbon  from Target   scissors   pencil     how to make a tic tac toe felt set  How to make:   Leave one piece of felt intact.  This is your board piece.  Take your ribbon and cut to make 9 squares on your board.  I did not have a glue that would hold the ribbon on.  I need to go back and add a stick or something but the kids actually played with this just fine even with the ribbon just laying on the felt.  I then used up some small leftover pieces of red and blue felt to make hearts and x’s.  I stacked the pieces of felt on top of each other and drew a heart or x on the top pieces.  I did this with a pencil.  I then cut out that pattern from all of the felt in the stack.  Now the tic tac toe felt game busy bag was ready!   tic tac toe busy bag   My 3yr and 6yr sat down for a few games of tic tac toe.  They just loved this busy bag.  It was a lot of fun for both of them.  Big brother is better at the game than little brother but together they can still have fun.  Big brother is also helping little brother to improve at this game too.  I love that it was so easy to make and the kids can use it over and over again.  Also a great way to go over heart shapes with the little ones and the letter X.  Also you can point out the different colors for review with the kids.   tic tac toe busy bag








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