Toy car wash fun- water play for kids

Today I was scrolling through fb and came a cross a great play idea for my son.  The Imagination Tree is a blog that tons of great ideas  and she shares great stuff on her fb page also (When I saw she had baby dolls for her kids to wash, I thought this would be great for big brother.  He loves washing his trucks all kinds of ways.  We had never done a bucket of water with bubbles in it!  He noticed me scanning fb from my cell and saw the tub of water with the babies and said I want to do that.  I said how about cars in it?  And he was all for that.  I got all the stuff together I thought we could use and we set it up.  He had lots of fun playing with the water,bubbles, sponge, and cars.  Anytime outside is a plus for him!

Toy car wash fun- water play for kids

Toy car wash fun- water play for kids

What we used:  

a bucket, a large bowl, a sponge, bubbles, water, and a towel.

What we did: 

put bubbles and water in bucket then added cars.  Put plain water in large bowl-so he could rinse them off.  He had a sponge to clean them with and a towel he could dry them with if he wanted.  I don’t think he used the towel.

Toy car wash fun!
 I put so much bubbles in you can’t see the cars but they are in there.
 Using his sponge to clean the cars.
 Scrub a dub dub cars in a tub!
 “All shiny and new” as his fire truck book says.
 Washing and rinsing the trucks, cars, and motorcycle.
 After washing he drove them around a while.

He probably would have played here for some time but we had to run out and do a few things so we had to clean up a little too early for him.  Hope to let him play another day for a little bit longer.  He did get a good 30 -45 min out there with his truck and cars though.
Hope you can wash something at your house your kids will enjoy!

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