Tractor bath

My boys love themed baths!  They don’t get them every night, so when they do they love it.  Don’t get me wrong they have everyday bath toys they play with on a regular basis in there and they enjoy them.  On the nights we do something different they get excited.  This night I thought we would do a country bath.  I got tractors and plastic corn out and put them in the tub.  We had green ice cubes in the freezer already so we got a few of them out as well.  Now to just start the water and add the kids
🙂  We didn’t have enough ice cubes to change the bath water a good green.  I added some of our bath tabs to give it a good green color to the water.  Both boys had fun.  However, it was really hard to talk my oldest into getting out:-)  He was having tons of fun.

Here is our bath.
Tractor bath

The bath set up.
Tractor bath
Can’t wait to get in and play.

Tractor bath

My boys love colored ice cubes in the tub on any occasion.

Tractor bath

Ice cubes in the John Deere truck.
Tractor bathWhat the water looked like in the tub and the brushes were for them to wash their truck if they wanted.


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