Transportation Color Sort

I have started to up my game when it comes to going over colors with little brother 2yr. Big brother does great with colors.  Now its little brothers turn to learn them.  So one morning while big brother was gone I set up a fun transportation color sort for my toddler.  We sat down to play and learn while we had some time to our selves.
Transportation Color Sort


Transportation Color Sort

Transportation Color Sort

What I did:

I set out 4 colored bowls I had.  I then set a tray of vehicles and bottle caps out.  I gathered these beforehand.

Transportation Color Sort

What we did:  

Now little brother and I started going over the colors of the bowls and talking about the trains, cars, boats, caps… in the tray.  Then together we started sorting them out.  Then he sorted a few on his own.  And last, he had a ton of fun playing with the tucks and cars…. that had bee, in the bowls and trays.  Since playing with these things are one of his favorite things to do, it was easy to sneak in a little learning while playing too.

Transportation Color Sort
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