Transportation Tuesday- Sailboat Craft

This week on Transportation Tuesday its all about boats. We are teaming up with House Of Burke to bring you this series each Tuesday for September.  Even though my boys play with boats often, we don’t really have any boat posts.  This can be our first.  This week we went with a simple sailboat craft.  Great for both toddler and preschooler.
Now that the kids are back in school, I prepped for this craft ahead of time.   It’s a craft in a bag. It was great just to be able to sit down with them and hang out and talk while they made their sailboats.  Everything was ready.  
 Transportation Tuesday-  Sailboat Craft

Transportation Tuesday-  Sailboat Craft

 What we used:  

paper plates, brown, yellow, and blue paper, glue, and scissors.

Transportation Tuesday-  Sailboat Craft

This could be a great scissor skills activity for the older kids.  It could also be fun as a torn paper activity for toddlers.  However, since we did this in the evening after baths on a school night it was perfect to have the paper already cut.  I really liked this craft in a bag for an evening activity.  I hope to prep more crafts for us to just pull out when we need a few minutes to sit down together.  It was a nice wind down time for us. 

What we did:

I gave my son the pieces and told him what is was supposed to be.  I  laid the paper on top of each other showing him what to try and create.  He then went to work with the glue and glued all the pieces together.  We talked about the colors and shapes while he glued.  We also talked about the day we had.  Then we laid the boat to dry.  He thought this sailboat was really cool!  

Transportation Tuesday-  Sailboat Craft
Don’t forget to stop by House Of Burke to see what boat fun they had this week.  I can’t wait.
Transportation Tuesday-  Sailboat Craft

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