Valentine’s Day Sensory Bottle

Things have been so crazy over here at my house the last month.  With sick kids, doctor appointments, family events… I had hoped to share this activity with you weeks ago and never had a chance to find the time to do it with the kids.  The kids finally got to feeling better and we had some free time one afternoon to do it.  My kids love sensory bottles!  I have been making them for years.  It started when my oldest, now 7yr, was a toddler.  He still loves them and my 4 yr and 3yr are loving them now too. This Valentine’s day sensory bottle is easy to make and a lot of fun for the kids.




Valentine's Day Sensory Bottle


Valentine’s Day Sensory Bottle

how to make a sensory bottle

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Supplies/what we used:


*voss water bottle like this  VOSS Artesian Water, Plastic Bottles, 16.9 oz


*heart buttons – I found at dollar store.  Similar to these Dress It Up 3504 Buttons Heartbreaker


*pink glitter – thanks for the glitter




*clear glue- like this Elmer’s School Glue, Clear, Washable, 5 Ounces


sensory bottle for valentine's day


How to make a Valentine’s day sensory bottle:


To start the kids dropped heart shaped buttons in an empty water bottle. To remove the label from the water bottle I used goo gone.  Dropping the buttons in the water bottle is great for working on fine motor skills.  So they got to work on their tiny hand muscles during this activity.


sensory bottle for kids


Once they had all the heart shaped buttons in the bottle one of my kids added the pink glitter to the water bottle. Then it was time to add the clear glue.  We just poured about half a 5 oz bottle of clear glue in to the water bottle. Last I filled with water.  I over filled to get the foam layer off the top.  Last we applied the top on the water bottle.  You can hot glue the top on or use tape to keep them from taking it off.

sensory bottle for valentine's day


Now it was time to play with our Valentine’s day sensory bottle. The best part! The kids turned the sensory bottle over and watched all the glitter and buttons as they fell.  My youngest kept holding it up to his eyes and asking me if I could see it.  That gave me a laugh.

We can not wait to make another sensory bottle soon.

v-day sensory bottle for kids



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