Vet Office Pretend Play

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Today we are taking part in A-Z Pretend Play (landing page) hosted by Crafty Kids at Home.  We are sharing V is for Vet Pretend Play.  The kids love playing Pretend Play Medical Office.  They check each other’s blood pressure and temperatures…  and have a great time.  I think they really love giving mommy shots too. Today we set up play time with a vet office theme.  Adding in the animal to get the shots this time.  Both my 4yr and 2yr just loved this pretend play setup.  A fun afternoon checking out animals at our house.


Vet Office Pretend Play for Kids


Vet Office Pretend Play



What we used:


We got out our Pet Vet from B. Toys


our Wee MD medical kit too


extra stuffed animals


homemade vet sign- I just used construction paper and marker for this.


vet office play


How we played:


I taped our homemade vet sign to the kid’s table in the playroom.  We had the pet vet on the table to start.

We are big fans of B.Toys.  I love how well made they are and the bright colors they use.  Little brother has been asking for the pet vet set every time he sees it.  He might say mommy can I have that for my birthday?  I would say maybe.  Well the time came and he finally got it. We are always happy to review their products for them and share our honest options with our readers.


vet pretend play


The kids quickly went to open the doors  and placing the dog and cat inside.  The keys and doors were a big hit.  They loved taking x-rays of the animals too.


pretend play for kids


Pretend vet can just be a medical kit and stuffed animals too.  We got out extra stuffed animals and our Wee MD medical kit too. I was happy that the animals were getting shots today and not me.




It took us a while to open the top of the pet vet.  Once we did to our surprise there was a  stethoscope in there.  The kids were stoked.  The lock on the top was a little hard to open but worth the effort.  We have had this Pet Vet set for weeks now and the kids still get it out to play with.  I love that it is all together for easy storage when they are not playing with it.  It also makes it easy for them to get out on their own.  This way when the need for pretend play hits, they can help themselves to the pet vet.

Vet Office Pretend Play for Kids


Pretend play is a great way for kids to work on social skills, learning new words, and learning about different things we do in life (like taking a pet to the vet and what happens)… We look forward to more pretend play at my house.  The pet vet was a big hit with the kids.


a-z of pretend play

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