Walnut Chocolate Dipped Ritz

We have missed our cooking with kids series for several weeks.  But I am thrilled to be back this week posting W is for Walnuts.  The kids and I love making simple and yummy treats together.  These Walnut Chocolate Dipped Ritz are just that! Simple and yummy.  I do caution these things are addictive!  As soon as you make them, bag them up and gift them to family and friends.  That way you and the kids do not eat them all.




Walnut Chocolate Dipped Ritz Recipe

Walnut Chocolate Dipped Ritz



Ingredients/what I used:


chocolate candy coating


Ritz crackers




parchment paper





How to make Walnut Chocolate Dipped Ritz:


Unwrap Ritz crackers from packaging.  We placed our crackers on a plate.  Next we placed 2 chocolate squares from our candy coating package in a glass bowl.  Make sure that the bowl is microwave safe.  We placed the chocolate squares in the microwave for 1 minute.  This worked great.  Depending on how many squares and the wattage your microwave, you may need more time.  Add 30 sec to 1 minute until melted.  If you heat too long the chocolate will start to harden again and be no good.


cooking with kids


Once the chocolate is melted it is time to start dipping the Ritz crackers.  I took a spoon and spooned on chocolate to the tops of the crackers and then dipped the cracker halfway in the bowl of chocolate.  Place the chocolate covered cracker on the parchment or wax paper.


chocolate covered ritz


Now it is time for the kids to start sprinkling the walnuts on top of the crackers.  You want to do this right after you dip.  This way the nuts stick in the melted chocolate as it hardens.


Ritz chocolate dipped with sprinkles


My kids LOVE SPRINKLES!   So we just had to try a few Ritz crackers dipped in chocolate with sprinkles on top too. This sweet and salty treat we made was a great way to spend time together.  Luckily we are making treats to gift to family and friends.  If not, the kids and I would have eaten every last chocolate dipped Ritz. We look forward to more treat making later this week.

walnut chocolate dipped ritz cooking with kids


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