Water Bottle Rockets

We love turning our recyclables into crafts and using them in activities.  My oldest is often asking to keep bottles… just in case we need it for our next fun project. Using recycled bottles is just what we did to create these fun and easy Rockets.
Water Bottle Rockets

Water Bottle Rockets


Water Bottle Rockets

Supplies/What we used:

Water bottles

white paint

foam stickers- craftprojectideas


Water Bottle Rockets

What we did:

I poured a little white paint in the clear bottles.  The kids shook them up until the paint covered the bottle.  We left them to dry.  The next day I came back and drew on the bottles with a sharpie.  Then the kids applied stickers to the rockets. 

Now the kids had cheap and easy rockets to fly around for playtime. My oldest just thought this was so cool.  So glad he enjoyed this simple idea.  As always we hope you and the kids can enjoy this too.

Water Bottle Rockets
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