Water Play Ideas for Kids

Water Play activities have been a huge hit with my kids for years now.  I have always loved that, no matter the age gap, my kids can always seem to find a way to have fun together during our water activities.  I have 3 children current ages 7yr, 5yr, and 3yr.  I love seeing that they can continue to have fun even as they get older but I am sure this will end sooner than I wish. They just keep growing up so fast.  Water play is a great sensory experience for kids.  Playing in water bins has always been relaxing even to me.  I love coming up with new water play ideas for my kids.  No matter if we are practicing gross motor skills, doing a simple science experiment, or just soaking our feet water play is fun!

super FUN water play activity ideas for kids




Water Play Ideas for Kids

~Simple Water Play


~Button Water Play


~Rose Petal Water Play


~Tub of balls and bowls-water play


~Soapy Potion Mixing


~Seashell Washing Station


~Gross Motor Water Play Ball Toss


~Color Recognition Water Play ~ the color orange


~Spider-Man Water Bin


~Pool Noodle Boats Water Sensory Bin


~Little Blue and Little Yellow- color mixing activity for kids


~My Little Washing Station– guest post from Crafty Kids at Home


~Color Mixing with Ice Cubes and Water -guest post from Mom Inspired Life


~Critter and Cubes- water play


~Colored Water- water play party for kids


~Ice cubes and water balloons


~Octopus Water Sensory Bin


~DIY Water Wall- kids activity for summer


~Swamp Water Bin~water play for kids


~Star Wars Ice and Water Bin


~Sight Word Water Blast


~Beach Luau Water Bin- Sensory Play For kids


~Calming Lavender Water Bin- Sensory Play For Kids



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Simple Water Play Ideas for Kids

Simple Water Play Ideas for Kids

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