Watermelon Scented Glitter Paint

So what is the first thing that pops into your head when you think summer?  Watermelon!  That is what I thought.  So many fun things come to mind for summer but for some reason watermelon was my first thought over and over again.  Might be because I was trying to brainstorm summer ideas on empty, lol. So with watermelon on my mind I thought what to do with a watermelon theme and fun for the kids.  A Watermelon Scented Glitter Paint came to mind.    Not only did we get fun DIY paints but we also got a scented craft out of it too.  Wins all around at my house!




Watermelon Scented Glitter Paint


Watermelon Scented Glitter Paint


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Supplies/ what we used:

Neon Purple Green Pink Blue 4-pack Food Color
Watermelon Premium Grade Fragrance Oil – 10ml – Scented Oil
No-Spill Paint Cups & Brushes Assortment
Elmer’s Washable No-Run School Glue, 5 oz Bottle, Clear (E305) – I have a gallon of clear glue so you might need a few of the small bottles.




How to make/ what we did:

I filled the no spill paint containers with clear glue.  I then added pink food coloring to one and green to the other.  I then added the watermelon scent to both.  Now it is time for pink and green glitter.  Next I grabbed a bendy straw and mixed the paints up until all the color and glitter were mixed together.




Now that we had watermelon paints we had to paint a watermelon!  So I grabbed out some white cardstock for the kids.  They quickly went to work painting their watermelons.  I also grabbed black construction paper out of the closet too.  This would become the seeds.




Once the kids had their watermelon painted, they punched holes in the paper with the hole punch.  They got a kick out of this.  I guess they do not use it a lot so it was fun.

Once they had the holes inside the catch we emptied it out in their hands.  They sprinkled the “seeds” on their watermelon paintings.



After they made one they wanted to make several more.  This took up a fun portion of their time that afternoon.  Now they can not wait to get the watermelon paints out again.

Watermelon Craft for Kids



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