Watermelon Scissor Skills and Paper Plate Craft

A little late getting this out but this is our craft to go with our letter of the month.  Each month I try and go over a new letter with the kids.  We make a craft and often a worksheet or coloring page to go with it.  Can you tell this month is W for watermelon.  We went with a classic watermelon paper plate craft with our own twist.  The kids and I had fun with our watermelon craft and now have them hanging on our wall.
watermelon scissor skills and paper plate craft


Watermelon Scissor Skills and Paper Plate Craft

Supplies/What we used:  
paper plate
pink paper
black and green markers

How to make a watermelon scissor skills and craft:  

I took a few paper plates and cut them in half.  I got out green and black markers.  You could use crayons or paint in their place.  I got my oldest to help cut up pink paper.  My toddler could have torn his pieces but was off doing his own things at the moment.  I then gave my kids a half of a paper plate, green markers and let them color.  Once most of the plate was covered I gave them glue and the cut up paper.  They applied glue to the plate and then covered with pink paper.  Last, they added black marker dots as “seeds” to the pink paper. You can let it dry first or let them do it while wet depending on the child.



I took a pink piece of paper and wrote a W on it and wrote out watermelon below the letter.  I hung it up with our watermelon crafts.  Now we have  a little summer decoration on our wall.  We also get to learn a little in the process.  We often briefly talk about our letter and craft when playing during the day. This is a great way for me to help them learn a little in a stress free way.  As always we hope you and your kids can enjoy too.







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