Whistlefritz Spanish Matching Game

Recently we had a chance to review Whistlefritz (we received free product for an honest review.  All opinions are mine).
Whistlefritz  products teach kids Spanish through DVDs, Cd, Card Game, and more.  My kids just loved the match up card game.  So many fun ways to learn a new language.   Having Spanish speaking family, I would love for my kids to be able to pick up on this as a second langue.  Maybe I will learn a few new words too.  My Spanish is VERY limited.  Starting with fun games is a great way to try and learn Spanish at my house.

 Whistlefritz Spanish Matching Game

 Spanish Game
I let my 3yr and 6yr old play the matching card game.  These cards are labeled with Spanish action words. Match games are always fun for my kids so this learning game was a big hit.  This is an easy way to introduce a new language to kids.  Once they found the match, we would say the word and talk about what was going on in the picture.
I let all 3 of my boys 2yr, 3yr, and 6yr watch the DVDs in the car.  The animal one was their favorite. The DVDs are entirely in Spanish.  They suggest skipping translation helps the kids pick up fluency faster. Without the translation for me it was hard to understand all the words in between the animals I could see.  But I can see how the kids could pick up on it, as they have their first language English, by just listening and watching people talk.
The Cd is easy to play at home or in the car.  There is a book that goes with it to help you along.
This Spanish teaching collection is geared toward Pr-K through early elementary aged kids. There is also a lesson plan book to use to teach the kids too.  We have not had time to get this out but it looks great.  Packed full of info we can use in time.
You can buy this product here on the product page.
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