Wind Chime for Kids to Make

Last year we made Yogurt Cup Wind Chimes.  The kids loved helping to make the wind chime and it is still out in the tree a year later!  We set out to make a new wind chime this year out of another recycled material.  Here is what we came up with! This wind chime that kids can make is fun and easy.  A great way to decorate the yard for spring or summer. 
 wind chime craft for kids easy and fun to make

 Wind Chime for Kids to Make

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Supplies/What we used:

*Foam stickers from of course!  Thanks for the free goodie box.

*ribbon – like this American Crafts 24 Extreme Value Neon Ribbon

 *a recycled boogie wipes container – Boogie Wipes Canister – Fresh Scent – 90 ct
or  Clorox container – like these Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Value Pack, Fresh Scent and Citrus Blend, 225 Count



How to make a wind chime with kids:

I removed the label from the container and it sat in the garage almost a year, lol.  Finally, a few weeks ago the kids and I got a chance to work on this project.  I had my husband add holes to the now bottom of the container. He put 8 total around the edge.  He added 2 close together on the now top also.

recycled container kid made wind chime

The kids added foam stickers to the container and I threaded the ribbon at the bottom and tied knots to hold it on.  The kids could have done this but since we were pushed for time I did the ribbons myself.  It seemed unfinished so I added a few pony beads to the end. More  goodies to the rescue!

 wind chimes for kids to make
Last but not least, I added some string up top into the 2 holes.  Now I could hang it up for us to enjoy.  The kids and I were thrilled with how it turned out.  We look forward to making a new one when this one gets worn. But for now the bright colors of this recycled container, kid made wind chime, is being enjoyed.
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 wind chime craft for kids
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