Yogurt Cup Ornament

So for some of you that follow my blog (this website where I share kid activities and crafts), you may know I have a thing for finding ways to use up these yogurt cups after the kids have eaten the yogurt.  We have made wind chimes, monsters, and turkeys.
Yogurt Cup Ornament by FSPDT

Yogurt Cup Ornament by FSPDT
Yogurt Cup Ornament 

What we used:

yogurt cups

DIY glitter glue (after the fact, I think clear glue would have been better)

string from Target

sequins ( we got for free from craftprojectideas )

Yogurt Cup Ornament by FSPDT

It is snowing in the house, lol.  That picture is just for fun.

What we did:

I used an exact-o knife to cut a hole in the top of the yogurt cups.  I sat the yogurt cups on paper plates and placed them on the table.  I got out the sequins, glue, and string.

Yogurt Cup Ornament by FSPDT

My oldest 5yr came to make one with me.  I often have no clue what the outcome will be when we start a craft.  I just have an idea and we go for it.  On a really rare day I may attempt the craft beforehand to see if it will work before giving the supplies to the kids.  This day was a, “lets just see what happens” day. He poured glue on the yogurt cup and then added the sequins.  We left them to dry.  It was the next day before we came back and added the string.  He really wanted jingle bells in the cups like our Wind chimes we made this summer.  I found one jingle bell and added it to the string and pulled it through the hole and knotted to hold it in place.  Now we had our Yogurt Cup Ornament.

Yogurt Cup Ornament by FSPDT

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