Yogurt Cup Wind Chimes


We set out to make wind chimes this summer by adding it to our summer bucket list.  We had yet to make a bucket list or wind chime.  However, we have bought a few wind chimes over the years and the kids love them.  One day while washing out the yogurt cups I just saw a wind chime there in my hand,lol.  So I started brainstorming how I could make this daydream a reality.  I knew the kids and I would have fun making these and even more fun hanging them up and listening to them chime.

Yogurt Cup Wind Chimes

Yogurt Cup Wind Chimes

What we used: 
string, wire string, yogurt cups, jingles bells, clear polish, duct tape, and I think my husband used small nails to make the holes in the top of yogurt cups.
how to make a wind chime
What we did:
My husband made small holes in the top(or really the bottom) of the yogurt cups for us.  I cut string and the wire string( you want this to be sturdy but not so thick it doesn’t move.  We got ours at home depot).  I took my string and tied it to the wire. I then added clear polish to the tied string. I took the wire and threaded it through the 2 small holes my husband made in the bottom of the yogurt cup.  He only add 2 holes to the cup that would be used at the top of the chain.  Once threaded, I placed a piece of duct tape on the now top of the yogurt cup to  help give it strength when hanging.  Now my son started stringing jingle bells and then a another yogurt cup.  We were going over patterns all the while jingle bell, yogurt cup, jungle bell…After each jingle bell I added a knot to hold it in the cup.  When he put the next yogurt cup on I would tie it too to hold it in place.  Once we finished stringing them, we added foam stickers. Craftprojectideas.com had a material of the month and we love to take the challenge to see what we can make with it and this wind chime was one way we used foam stickers that month.
Now we had our bright and fun Yogurt Cup Wind Chime to hang outside.  We hung it up and my son hit them a little to make them chime since the wind was not blowing.  Now we have something bright and fun hanging up in our tree.

As always we hope you and your kids can have fun with this too.


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