Yummy Kid Snack Ideas

I often feel like my entire day is revolving around the words ” I’m hungry”!  No matter how much or how not so long ago it was they ate they are ready to fuel up again.  I do not blame them they are growing kids that never sit still for long.  They are burning up energy faster than I can feed them, lol.  Having great snack ideas helps me out on days I just do not want to do the same things we did the last few days.  I often find some of the snacks they like, as a parent, I can enjoy them too.  I went searching through my recipe archives and found some of my favorite blogs and put together this yummy kid’s snack ideas list.  I hope we can be inspired by the list for the next time we hear “I’m hungry” or “I need a snack”.


Yummy Kid Snack Ideas that are easy to make

Yummy Kid Snack Ideas

Jam and Cream Cheese Bites on FSPDT


Grape Poppers on FSPDT


Apple Nachos on FSPDT


Easy Tree Snack for Kids on Fantastic Fun and Learning


Homemade Rainbow Frozen Yogurt Popsicles on Coffee Cups and Crayons


Honey Roasted Nuts Popcorn Snack Recipe on Sugar Aunts


Easy Kid Snack Strawberry Yogurt Bark on Hello Wonderful


Homemade Apple Pear Squash Fruit Leather on Mama Papa Bubba


Ranch Goldfish Crackers on Fireflies and Mud Pies


Fruit Salas Recipe for Kids on Still Playing School 


Naturally Flavored Orange Gummies on Rainy Day Mum 


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