Magnet Lab Science Sink

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We got the coolest Magnet set a few moths ago.  My kids have been fascinated by magnets for some time.  I hate it took me so long to buy them some magnets for them to use at home.  The kids have been having their own quiet time exploring this box of magnets.  I have a handful of ideas I want to try with the magnets.  A Magnet Lab Science Sink was one. My kids love sensory play and science.  So I set them up in the sink to play in the water while exploring their magnets this day.  Little brother was so excited to start playing.  As soon as it was ready he was right there to get started.
Magnet lab science sink

Magnet Lab Science Sink

magnet science
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 What we used/supplies:
sink- this can be done in a clear bin or large bowl too.
Hand towel 
Magnetic sensory sink play
How to set up:
Take press n seal and tear a piece off to put in the bottom of the sink.  Do this while the sink is dry.   I added the press n seal to the bottom of the sink to keep the magnets from going down the drain.  After the kids are through playing remove the magnets.  Now take up the press n seal and let out the water.  I took out the clear magnet discs and the small magnetic balls.  I also grabbed our beakers from our science kits and the tweezers.  Now it is playtime.
magnet science sink
There are so many ways to explore with magnets.  To start, we wanted to see if they would SINK OR FLOAT. He observed they sank.  My son quickly noticed the ball magnets stuck together after he poured them in the sink.   
 magnet sink play and learning for kids
We had so much fun just filling the sink up with the running water.  He would turn it on and then turn it back off.   
 science sink
Magnets have a strong magnetic field.  This field attracts them to things like iron.   Magnets have a North and South Pole.  Opposition poles attract causing them to stick together.  The same poles will cause them to repel each other.
We saw today that magnets are still magnetic under water, they sink(or ours did), and that the ball magnets found each other quickly in the sink and stuck together.  We look forward to experimenting and investigating more with magnets in the future. 


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