Spider-Man Collage Clay Frame

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Have you heard of Decoden?  I had not until recently.  It is the art of decorating a collage with trinkets in a 3 dimensional look. Mod Podge now makes a collage clay and accessories that are perfect for decoden.  These are some pretty cool products.  Collage Clay is lightweight whipped clay great to use for Decoden, 3D Collage, Assemblage Arts, 3D Stenciling and more. Available in two trend right colors, Vanilla White and Strawberry Pink. Mod Molds create embellishments using Mod Melts, made of durable, easy to use silicone. Use Mod Melts with Mod Molds to create custom embellishments for craft projects. Use with a high temp mini glue gun. Podgeable Glitters help sparkle projects without the mess or waste – package makes it possible to ‘pouf’ the exact amount needed. Collage Drizzle Paint can add extra drama and dimension to designs. See more on Mod Podge Collage Clay  here.
I could not wait to get started on a fun decoden project.  We are planning to move my oldest to a bedroom of his own soon.  I have been talking to him about how we wants  his room.  He mentioned wanting a Spider-Man room.  So Spider-Man has been on my mind.  For this project I thought it would be fun to create my son a 3D Spider-Man collage frame to put up in his new room.  so excited on how it turned out.  He is even more anxious for his own room now.  He just loves his Decoden Spider-Man frame.
Spider-Man Collage Clay Frame Mod Podge

Spider-Man Collage Clay Frame 

Spider-Man Collage Clay Frame Mod Podge

What I used:

Mod Podge Collage Clay white

Mod mold

Mod melt

mini glue gun

5X7 frame

several small spider man figures

Spider-Man Collage Clay Frame Mod Podge

What I did:

I gathered all my supplies and plugged in the glue gun to warm up.  I added the red Mod Melts to the glue gun first.

Spider-Man Collage Clay Frame Mod Podge

While the melts were warming up I decided on my final layout for the frame and superheros.  Then I used the Mod melts like I would a glue stick in the glue gun.  I squeezed the mod melts into the mod molds to make some added bling for my collage.

Spider-Man Collage Clay Frame Mod Podge

Out of all the fun molds I had only the “shapes” seemed to fit for my project.  I waited 10 minutes or a little less for the melts to cool in the mold.  Once cool I popped out and sat on the counter while I continued this processes over and over until I had enough melts molded into shapes for the project.

Spider-Man Collage Clay Frame Mod Podge

Now I got out my Mod Podge Clay in white.  I wanted my Superhero Frame to look like a work of art not just a decorated frame to add a  picture too.  This was my vision for my project.  

Spider-Man Collage Clay Frame Mod Podge

I added the clay to the glass of the frame.  I then added the spider-man figures to the clay.  I then added in my mod melt molds I made in red and blue.  NOTE:“Collage Clay is not recommended for children ages 12 and under, and the product is not edible. Small parts are a choking hazard for children.” Because of this I made the project on my own. My oldest son, who will put this frame in his room, did watch as I worked on it. Never touching any of the clay or melts, mind you. He did have to check out the Spider-Man toys though.

Spider-Man Collage Clay Frame Mod Podge
Big brother and I just LOVE how the Spider-Man Collage Clay Frame turned out!! He is so anxious for us to hurry up and get his new room set up to put his picture up.  
There are so many possible clay projects to be made.  What would you make with the collage clay?

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