10+ Ideas To Keep The Kids Busy With Paint Featured From The Kid’s Co-op(and this weeks link up 6-13)

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On last weeks Kids Co-op found here, I came across several activities with paint.  Paint is one of my toddlers favorite things right now and big brother enjoys it too.  I decided to feature all the paint post I noticed in this weeks Kids Co-op.  I found a few ideas for us over here and hope you find a few too.  Can’t wait to see what is shared this week!  
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This Weeks Features 

10+ Ideas To Keep The Kids Busy With Paint Featured From The Kid's Co-op(and this weeks link up 6-13)
1.  Bird Craft Window Art by My Nearest and Dearest
2.  Painting with Feathers by Stir The Wonder
3.  Rainy Day Fixes: Art by Our Ordinary Life

4.  Messy Playdate by  Suzy Homeschooler

Messy Playdate 2012 from Suzy Homeschooler (14)
5.  Blackpool Tower by Le Baby Bakery
6.  Puffy Cloud Painting by Atchoo
7.  Handprint Parrot by House of Burke

8.  Fingerprint Fireflies by Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes

9.  Gooey Color Paint Exploring by Powerful Mothering 

Gooey Color Paint Exploring
10.  Ladybug Foot Print by Juggling With Kids
11.  Paint A Tree by FSPDT

Finding Something New To Paint- A TREE
12. Toddler Cooking with Cornflour Paint & Colour! by Mummy Musing and Mayhem
13.  Face Prints by Paint On The Ceiling 

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