10 Movies Kids Love

Are you ever looking for a few good movies for you and the kids to watch?  Well here is a list to help you out!  We love movies at my house!  I watched cartoon/kid movies growing up with my family and loved them. Now that I have kids I enjoy watching these movies with them.  My oldest is 3 1/2yr and really started paying attention to the tv about 1yr ago.  My youngest is 1yr and watches a little because he sees big brother do it but most definitely does not sit through a movie.  My oldest can watch a whole movie but most days it takes us 2 sittings to watch the entire movie.  We have lots of favorites at our house but I reached out to other moms to get their kids favorites too.  That way the list is made up of lots of different children’s picks.The children’s ages range from 1yr to 6yr and there may be a few older ones in which ages are not given. I believe that family time is important even if it is spent watching a good movie together. 


10 Movies Kids Love

10 Movies Kids Love


Here is what I came up with to share with you. 
 Hope you find a movie for you and the kids!
Here are the movies we picked!
  1. Disney’s Cars the original one is a favorite of Henry’s at Hands on: as we grow, Luke at 52 Brand New , brother and sister from Juggling with Kids, the son of The Good Long Road, and my son.


  1. Disney’s Tangled is a favorite of Leah at 52 Brand New, Goblin at Taming the Goblin, and my son.


  1. Disney’s Toy Story ( all 3) is a favorite of the son at One Perfect Day, the son at The Good Long Road, the kids from Learn with Play @ Home, and my son.


  1. Disney’s Finding Nemo is a favorite of Zel at Z is for Zel, Aikman at Montessori Tidbits, and my son.


  1. Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarf’s is a favorite of Honor at Play Dr Mom, and N at Experimenting-Mom.


  1. Disney’s Ponyo is a favorite of the son from One Perfect Day and my son!


  1. Disney’s Totoro is a favorite of the kids at Red Ted Art and is one of big brothers too.


  1. Disney’s Mary Poppins is a favorite of the daughters at The Kitchen Counter Chronicles and the kids at The Usual Mayhem.


  1. Disney’s Cars 2 is a favorite of J and T at Rainy Day Mum and my son.


  1. Mighty Machines ( ALL) is my sons all time favorite right now and he has his little brother watching too. (Even though little brother can’t stay still too long  he does stop and watch a while.)


Hope you and your family get to enjoy a great movie together soon.

I would love for you to share your favorite movies with us in a comment below. I love hearing from you.

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