Apple Scented Sensory Rice: The How To

Recently I did an apple themed round up.  When I started looking through my own posts to add, I noticed I really liked apples!  Fall just might be my all time favorite time of the year.  My mind has already been dreaming of apples and pumpkins for a few weeks now,lol.  While daydreaming of apples one afternoon when my mom was over, it just hit me, as most of our activities do, to make a batch of apple scented sensory rice.  While she entertained the boys I quickly whipped it up. We tried pumpkin spice rice last year and my oldest loved it!  Can’t wait to set this up in a sensory play activity this year for both him and little brother to explore.
Apple Scented Sensory Rice: The How To

Apple Scented Sensory Rice: The How To

I have to mention this real quick before I tell you what I did.  A few months ago I found our bag of rice we used for eating opened in the pantry floor.  I wondered how it ended up that way.  I mentioned to big brother that the rice was open in the floor and he started to smile.  I went on to say we can’t eat rice that the bag has been left open on the floor for a few days!  He quickly said “well I guess we will have to play in it then mommy”.  I think you are following that he must have opened the bag of rice and left it in the floor knowing I would not use it for cooking and he assumed I would let them play in it, lol.  One clever little boy.  I now leave our cooking rice out of his reach:)  I put the rice in a ziploc bag and put away for the day I would use it for them to play.

Apple Scented Sensory Rice: The How To

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What I used:  

apple scent (from our apple soap),

bag of rice


gel food coloring like this Americolor Soft Gel Paste Food Color, .75-Ounce, Red
and liquid food coloring- red



Apple Scented Sensory Rice: The How To

What I did:  I poured the rice( I have no clue how much sorry) in a bowl.  I then got a smaller bowl out and dropped in a lot of gel and liquid food coloring(did I have to use both? Maybe not, but I wanted to make sure it came out red and not pink).  I dropped in a little apple scent.  I added a little water to this bowl and then poured it over to the rice.  I mixed it well.  I would not add a lot of water to start with.  If you need more then just add a little at a time.  You only want enough water to help mix the food coloring around.
Once mixed, I poured it over a tray I had lined with paper towel.  I left it here over night to dry.  It was probably dry within 5 hours? I just left it until the next morning before I put it back in the ziploc bag it was in before.  Now I have a few ideas on how we will put it to use.  How will you play with your sensory rice?  

Apple Scented Sensory Rice: The How To
How I stored the rice after we played in it.
Apple Scented Sensory Rice: The How To
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