Colored noodle fun for 4th of July

Colored noodles have been all over pinterest and my face book page since I follow several blogs.  Here is another blog to check out and how they used noodles to have fun:
Rainbow Alphabet Spaghetti by The imagination Tree 

I thought this  looked like such fun and wanted to let the boys try it out.  We love to make a mess over here and this looked perfect.  What a great way to try out your senses by playing with noodles.  I did this with my oldest son when he was young but it was just plain pasta on his plate while sitting in his highchair.  Wow, I never thought of adding color.  So, this was new for me to add some extra fun to it for the boys.  This is my now youngest sons first time playing with noodles.  Since 4th of July is right around the corner for us, I made the noodles red, white, and blue.  I also used some star confetti I found at Walmart.



Colored noodle fun for 4th of July

What you need: 


Cooked noodles ( I use lots of oil when cooking), food coloring, bowls of water for each color you want, a strainer, and something to mix with.

What to do: 


I had left over spaghetti noodles, I took and added them to a pan of water and oil and re-boiled.  I then took a portion out and  added it to the bowl of water and food coloring, I had set aside.  I left them for over 15 min to change color.  I then strained the noodles and sat on a paper plate.  I got out a rectangle sized plastic bowl and filled with red, white, and blue  noodles.  No need to dye the white ones:-)  I added some star confetti on the top and set out bowls, plates, spoons… for my son(3yr) to play in with his noodles.  I also set out plain noodles for my youngest 1yr and a pan, bowl, and spatula for him to play.

My oldest was really excited to get started and had a lot of fun playing with the noodles.  He did want to know why I put stars in the food.  I told him it was ok because we were just playing today.  My toddler had never played with noodles until today.  When I set them out for him he started shaking his head at me.  I think he thought he had to eat them,lol.  He doesn’t really like noodles.  Once he realized he could just play in them he was ok.  Both boys seemed to enjoy themselves and I could see us doing this again in the future.

Here is what my oldest played with.

Hands in!

Love his creation:-)

Love the colors of the noodles.

Here are my tot’s noodles.

At first he wasn’t sure, then when I took the bowl away he wanted it back.

Pouring out his noodles.

It was a little hot outside, and daddy came back home.  At this point the boys wanted to go see daddy!  We did play about 20 min with the noodles and they both had fun.  Look forward to finding more ways for them to play with noodles.

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