DIY Clay Bowl

Mother’s Day will be here before I know it.  So I told myself to start thinking now what we might want to make for the grandmas.  DIY clay bowls sound like something fun for me and the kids to make together.  They could make me one too.  These are not just great for Mother’s Day but a great DIY gift for any occasion.   I just love how they all turned out.  The tiny imperfections show you that they are kid made and from the heart.  That makes these clay bowls even more special to me.



DIY Clay Bowls


DIY Clay Bowl


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*Prang DAS Air Hardening Modeling Clay, 2.2 Pound Block, White (387500)


*a small glass


*variety of sizes of glass bowls

*butterfly cookie stamp-  this is similar to what we used DGI MART 3 Pieces/set Butterfly Plunger Cookie Cutter Cookie Candy Stamps Set





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How to Make DIY Clay Bowl:

I pinched a small piece of the clay off and rolled it in my hands a bit.  Put it on counter and rolled with the small glass.  Once rolled out I used the glass to press down on the clay and cut out a small circle.  I used a butter knife to help me get it off the counter.  I then laid it over a smaller glass bowl to form.  Some of the ones we made we put down in the bowl to form.  If the clay is larger than the bowl it works.


The kids loved the butterfly stamp.  We did some with and some without.  I wanted to try a textured bowl.  Of course we grabbed a trusty stackadoo block to use for this.  We pressed the block down and made prints then we formed on the glass bowl.



This is air dry clay so leave and let dry.  Let dry for a day or two.  Once dry we decided to paint them bright colors.  We intend for these to be small ring bowls.  The one patterned bowl is large but I just love that one.  I think that one is mine, lol.


Once the paint is dry, you are ready to gift your DIY clay bowls to family, friends, teachers…  I can see us trying this again for sure.






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