DIY Lego Shirt

My kids love Legos.  We have more mega blocks right now because of baby brother but when the older kids get a chance to get the Legos out they get so excited.  I fear that baby brother will try to eat them but often when he has been with Legos he has done well about not putting them in his mouth.  Big brother loves this because now he can start adding to his collection of Legos and leave the mega blocks and duplos to baby brother. So as they grow we continue to use our “large Legos” but are adding smaller ones too.  So what elese can you do with your Legos?  Create a fun DIY Lego shirt the kids will love.  We had just as much fun making these and they did wearing them.

DIY Lego shirt for kids



DIY Lego Shirt


We used shirts we already had so whatever color I found that is what the kids got.  I really like the white one but not all the kids had an extra white shirt to use.

What we used/ supplies:


solid colored shirts




Legos/mega blocks


paper plate


You can put cardboard between the shirts if worried about bleeding through.



What we did/how to make:


I added paint to a paper plate.  I had the kids grab some Legos for us.  I laid their shirts out flat in front of them.



Next they dipped the Legos in the paint and pressed it down on their shirt.  They did this until they were happy with their Lego shirt creation!  My 4yr and 6yr were able to make their shirts on their own.  I helped my 2yr so he could get in on the fun too.  Once they were through I washed their blocks off with soap and water.  Once dry, I returned their Legos to them so they could build again with them.  Now maybe they can build a shirt with their legos?  Legos are so much fun on their own but now we found just one more way to enjoy them with our DIY Lego shirts.

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