DIY Pumpkin Pie Soap

Anyone else get really excited about Fall? It is one of my favorite seasons. I talk about it all the time. Where we live Fall is often the most enjoyable weather all year.  I must admit I also like Fall because you can start buying and making all things PUMPKIN PIE OR SPICE.   I started making soap with my oldest child when he was about 4yr.  And over the years we have made different shapes, different scents…   My oldest is 10yr now and I am so grateful he will still get in the kitchen with me and help me make soap.  The DIY Pumpkin Pie Soap we made this week has to be my favorite so far.  So lets move on and find out how to make Pumpkin Pie Soap at home.


DIY Pumpkin Pie Soap

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Supplies for DIY Pumpkin Pie Soap Recipe:


*Goats Milk – 2 Lbs Melt and Pour Soap Base – Our Earth’s Secrets


*Pumpkin Pie Scented Oil by Good Essential (Huge 1oz Bottle – Premium Grade Fragrance Oil) – Perfect for Aromatherapy, Soaps, Candles, Slime, Lotions, and More!


*McCormick Pumpkin Pie Spice, 2 OZ or Simply Organic Organic Mini Pumpkin Pie Spice-0.46 Oz


*La Tourangelle Avocado Oil 16.9 Fl. Oz., All-Natural, Artisanal, Great for Salads, Fruit, Fish or Vegetables, Buttery Flavor


*Ozera 6 Cavities Silicone Soap Mold (3 Pack), Baking Mold Cake Pan, Biscuit Chocolate Mold, Ice Cube Tray


*Pyrex SYNCHKG039125 4 Measuring Cup, Clear with Red Graphics


*McCormick Assorted Food Color, 0.25 Fl. Oz (4 Count) or
12 Color Bath Bomb Soap Dye – Skin Safe Bath Bomb Colorant Food Grade Coloring for Soap Making Supplies, Natural Liquid Soap Colorant for DIY Bath Bomb Supplies Kit, Slime, Crafts – with Instructions


*METRONIC 6×6 500pack Shrink Wrap Bags for Soaps, Candles, Jars and Small Gifts,Clear Heat Shrink Wrap/Shrink Film Wrap


*Chawoorim Handmade Stickers Labels Homemade Items Packaging Simple Soap Wrapping Paper Sticker Materials


How to make DIY Pumpkin Pie Soap:


  1.  Gather all your supplies.
  2. Take the goat milk soap base and cut up into smaller pieces.  Add these to your pyrex measuring cup. We only used half the soap base and it made 6 small bars ( can make 5 big bars).  You can make 10- 12 bars from 2lb soap base.
  3. Microwave the soap for 1 min and then 30 secs. If not completely melted add 30 sec until melted.
  4. Now add food coloring. We mixed yellow and red together to get orange. Add as much as you want to get the orange color you desire. I listed another option in the supply list that we will try next time.  Mix the soap and food coloring together well.
  5. Next add the pumpkin pie oil.  We just put about 5-10 drops but here you can add as much or as little as you want. Add in 1/4 tsp avocado oil.
  6. Last we sprinkled in the pumpkin spice stirred all the ingredients together.
  7. With the soap recipe complete now is the time to pour in to your soap molds.  We used the rectangle soap molds.  You can mix this up with other molds if you want.  We left the soap to set overnight.
  8. It took me a couple of days to get my shrink wrap in the mail.  Once we had that, it was time to seal our soaps and add our stickers.  In the past I have just used plastic wrap to wrap my soap in, but this time we tried something different.  I ordered the 6×6 shrink wrap and it was big for our soaps.  We just cut off excess on 2 sides and folded and sealed with a small piece of tape. Then I used the hairdryer to shrink the shrink wrap to the soap.  Last add stickers or make your own tags… for the soap.

how to make pumpkin pie soap

My children have been fighting over who gets to bathe first so they can try out the new DIY Pumpkin Pie Soap my oldest and I made.  I must say I was hoping to beat them too it but as usual mama is always last.  Unless, that is, you need to walk in a dark room. Then mama can go first all she wants!  It was worth the wait to try out our homemade Pumpkin Pie Soap!  Loved the scent and the way it left my skin feeling soft.  Now to figure out what soap recipe we want to try next!


Easy DIY Pumpkin Pie Soap



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