Heart HandprintTree Craft for Kids

I was looking for a simple craft to do with my toddler (2.5yr) one morning.  And looking at my craft supplies I saw the heart stickers.  The classic handprint tree came to mind.  Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it.  Wow, time seems to be speeding up these days for me.  No better time than now to start sticking hearts all over.  If I wait too long it will be gone, lol.  I gathered a few craft supplies and sat down to spend some time with my tot.  He could not wait to make his Heart Handprint Tree.
                               Heart HandprintTree Craft for Kids

Heart HandprintTree Craft for Kids

Heart HandprintTree Craft for Kids

Supplies/What we used:

White paper

Purple construction paper


Heart stickers

Glue stick

Heart HandprintTree Craft for Kids

What we did:

The first tree we made we drew with a marker.  After doing this I regretted it because my son did not want to wait to let it dry before leaning on it to put the stickers on.  I did not think this out.  They were washable makers though so really no worries it all washed off later.  But for the second tree we did together I traced his hand/arm.

Heart HandprintTree Craft for Kids
Once you have the tree on your paper, whether you draw it or cut and paste it, you can start adding stickers. We had a bag of Valentine’s Day stickers left over from last year and went through the bag and picked some out.
Heart HandprintTree Craft for Kids
Craft time can be a great time to go over some basic learning with toddlers.  For this craft we talked about all the colors we used.  We talked about the heart shape.  And we went over the body parts hand and arm.  Simple, but whether your kids already know this or not, it is great to just reinforce it at times.  
Heart HandprintTree Craft for Kids

My favorite part of this craft was just the one on one time I got to spend with him.  Now we have a new decoration to put up so we can start filling the house with hearts. 

I also got to make a Heart Handprint Tree with my 5yr later that night and we enjoyed our time together too. This craft is easy to set up with no real cleanup and oh so cute in the end.  I hope you can enjoy it too.

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