Humpty Dumpty “Egg”periment

Excited to be a part of Sugar Aunts Nursery Rhyme Series.  Make sure to head over to Sugar Aunts to see the list of all the wonderful ideas shared in this series.  We are posting at the end so many great ideas have already been shared.
Growing up I had one favorite must have comfort item and it was my Humpty Dumpty Pillow my Great Tia(or aunt) made for me.  I took that pillow everywhere and had to have it to sleep.  When invited to take part in this nursery rhyme series I did not have to think twice which rhythm we would focus on.  Humpty Dumpty is would be!  What better way to have fun with the kids then to try our own Humpty Dumpty “EGG”periment to test out gravity.  This was a big hit at my house.

Humpty Dumpty “Egg”periment

What we used:


hard boiled eggs

ice cube tray

What we did:

I boiled several eggs that morning while the kids were gone.  I left them on the counter to cool.  When they got home we sat down with our sharpies and eggs. I recited the Humpty Dumpty Nursery Rhyme for them:  

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, 
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.  
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men 
Could not put Humpty together again.

We all drew our own Humpty Dumpty face on our egg.

Now it was time for the EGGperiment to begin!

We took our ice tray and placed it under a sheet (the sheet was just for looks and not necessary) on the top rail of the deck.  This was our wall. I asked the kids what they thought would happen if the egg dropped.  They were not sure.  This is also a great time to talk about gravity with the kids too.  

Big brother kept trying to hold the egg and it fell on the deck.  The egg cracked.  He put the same egg back in the tray and nudge it over the rail.  Down came Humpty.

Little brother was up next.  He placed his egg in the tray and pushed it over the rail.  When his egg hit the pine straw it did not break.  Wow, we just observed that the padding of the pine straw kept the egg from cracking.  If Humpty had fallen on pine straw he would have never cracked.

We then dropped the rest of the eggs onto the deck and they cracked.  I asked the kids if they thought we could put them back together.  Little brother said no and big brother wanted to try some glue, lol. We did not get the glue out but they did get to touch and feel the remains of the eggs.

Poor Humpty never had a chance.  This was a simple and fun hands on science experiment for the kids.  Watching as gravity takes objects down to the ground.  And often when things fall they break.

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