Ladybug Paper Plate Craft

Paper plate crafts are so much fun.  Taking a simple plate and turning it in to something else is exciting.  With the hopes of Spring to come soon I am finally sharing our Ladybug Paper Plate Craft from last year.  This craft was fun for multiple ages and you could even add in color recognition for toddler and go over counting with older kids. The spots on the ladybug would be great to count and add up or subtract.  So many simple ways to encourage learning even while crafting.  We had fun crafting and learning this day.
 Ladybug Paper Plate Craft


Ladybug Paper Plate Craft 



What we used/ Supplies:


red paper plates, the dessert plates


googly eyes


glue stick


black construction paper


How to make:


Cut out a circle shape of the black construction paper.  Make it smaller than the red plate.   Have the kids help draw a line down the plate and black dots or spots on each side.  This is where you could add in counting with the kids or adding up the dots…

Next have them glue on the googly eyes to the black construction paper. Last glue that onto the red plate.  We debated giving the ladybug legs but no legs won out.  We will pretend the legs are under the ladybug and we can not see them.  Both little brother and big brother made a Ladybug Paper Plate Craft this day.  It is great for multi aged kids.
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