Footprint Rockets

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We got this really cool space rug at Sams this month.  Its cute and a great learning tool since it has all the planets on it.  Ever since we came home with it, my mind has been on trying a few space themed activities with the boys.  My boys love cars and trucks so I was excited to try something new.



Footprint Rockets

What we Used:
white cardstock, blue and orange paint(we had finger paints handy), sharpies, and white foam glitter stars and red glitter glue we got from
What we did:
I had my husband help me with the boys, but even so, we still did not get any pictures of what we did.  This is an all hands-on project for us over here,lol.  I sat one kid at a time up on the kitchen counter right next to the sink.  I dipped a paint brush in to the blue paint and covered their foot minus the toes.  I then pressed their foot against the paper.  Then, I quickly put their foot in the sink and rinsed it off.  Repeated with the next kid.  I then let the kids dip their finger in the orange paint and add the toe prints to the bottom of the foot print.  The orange was our flames from the rocket.  Now, the prints were set to dry overnight.
The next day I added the details with sharpie.  We added the star sticker and I added the USA in glitter glue.  Now we have fun rockets to hang up in our play space with our new space rug we got at Sams.

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