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Bee Footprint Puppet

If you follow along here on our blog you know we LOVE print crafts!  I love that they can be fun keepsakes and the kids love painting their hands, feet…  Print art does not always have to be about keepsakes and decorations.  Today we

Handprint Mittens

   I was worried this craft, Handprint Mittens, was too simple and had second thoughts about doing it.  However, I truly love how they turned out.  A fun keepsake art for me and, the kids love that their hands are “in mittens” on the

Fingerprint Shark Art

Shark Week started August 10th (updated post- shark week is a different date this year 2018).  I have told myself year after year that next year me and the kids will do something fun for shark week. Well, here it is almost the end

Love Bird Footprint Art

 I was surprised how much I loved this print craft.  When we set out to make “Love Bird Footprints”  I was not sure how it would turn out.  After making footprints with baby brother I did not like the placement.  I wanted the birds

Christmas and Winter Print Art

 We love trying holiday classic print art each year.  We can never get enough handprint and footprint crafts at my house.  I love seeing how the kids hands and feet grow from year to year. I put a collection together to have one place

Fingerprint Candy Cane Ornament

  Today for the Holiday Print Art series ( from FSPDT and House of Burke) I am sharing our Fingerprint Candy Cane Ornaments we made.  The kids love making print art.  This year they have their own little Christmas tree so making their own

Fingerprint Crafts for Kids

I am a bit obsessed, yes I admit it, with print art.  The art you can make with hands, feet, and FINGERS! I really love fingerprint art because fingers are small and the paint mess is usually less if you wipe quickly after the prints

Leprechaun Handprint Art

  We love print art that is no secret. We did a few rainbow inspired prints last year close to St. Patrick’s Day but have yet to do a true St Patrick’s Day print project.  So what better than the classic Leprechaun Handprint Art

Toilet Paper Roll Firework Paintings

We spent an afternoon with paper and red, white, and blue paint,  inspired by the upcoming patriotic holiday to make some firework paintings.  We first started  out with a classic pipe cleaner print seen here.  Then we moved on to finding other ways to

Monster Handprint Art

The kids and I love to make holiday inspired handprint and footprint art.  Today we are sharing a fun and easy monster handprint art for Halloween.  Fun to make at home or with a group of kids at school.  You can leave them as

Dump Truck Footprint

We love trying new footprint art.  The kids had so much fun with our Tractor Footprint art that we decided to try the Dump Truck  Footprint Art too.  The kids and I love getting the paint and paper out on days we are stuck inside

Cupid Handprint Art

   Another day of print art!  I am really excited about this handprint art today.  I was trying to come up with an idea I had not seen.  I am sure someone has done it as it always seems everything has been done before