Easter egg wreath

Easter is right around the corner and I can’t wait to put out my holiday decorations.  This year I tried something new a DIY Easter Egg Wreath.  The wreath is not costly to make and easy too.  I just love the colors of the eggs.  Now to figure out what else I can make to decorate for Easter this year.


easter egg wreath

Easter egg wreath


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*2 pc of cardboard.  I had an old box that I used


*5-6 bags of eggs GiftExpress Plastic Bright Easter Egg Assortment 50 Pcs Perfect for Easter Egg Hunt/Surprise Egg/Easter Hunt

*hot glue gun Gorilla 100426 Full-Size Hot Glue Gun, Orange and lots of glue sticks Gorilla 3034518 Hot Glue Sticks, 4 in. Full Size, 45 Count, 1-Pack

*scissors Fiskars 01-004761J Softgrip Scissors Straight Stainless Steel, 8 Inch

*ribbon Berwick Offray 265277 1.5″ Wide Double Face Satin Ribbon, Light Pink, 3 Yds


*Easter grass R.J. Rabbit Paper Easter Basket Filler Grass 2 oz Recycled (Yellow) 1246



How to make an Easter Egg Wreath:  
I took a plate and traced it out on my box.  Then drew out 3 inches to make the second circle.  I did this twice.  If you have 2 objects one bigger than the other you can just trace both. Then hot glue the 2 pc together. Now start hot gluing your eggs on.  After the first layer of eggs I added grass in the holes to fill them in.  I had forgotten that I needed a ribbon to hold the wreath up, so I added that now.  On the top of the wreath tie a pc of ribbon just enough to hang your wreath when done.  I took my unfinished wreath after tying ribbon on and tried it out on my hook on the front door.  It was good.  I then came back in and added my second layer of eggs, this was a single layer.  After this I added eggs to fill in the area on the top of the wreath(that had been left open-u can put a big bow here and not fill in with eggs).  Next I added my bow.  Went back and added more grass until I felt it was not showing cardboard.  Last trim your grass and then go hang up the Easter Egg Wreath! 
easter egg wreath
My cardboard circles glued together.



To left my 1st layer of double eggs. To the right my space with ribbon to hang wreath up.

easter egg wreatheaster egg wreath

Bottom left  is the Easter grass and pencil I used to put it in the spaces.  Bottom right is the grass in the spaces between the eggs.

easter egg wreatheaster egg wreath

Last is the wreath hanging on the door!!!  Yayyy, it is done. You can use any color eggs you want and any kind of ribbon. Also make your bow however you want.  Lots of possibilities with this idea.  Look forward to trying a new one next year!

DIY Easter Egg Wreath

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