Yarn Wrapped Apple Craft

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Where did summer go?  Or, at least the kids being out of school part, lol. School has started back for us and it has Fall on my mind.  For some reason when I went in my craft closet the other day, my box of yarn seemed to say “use me”.  Laugh if you must, but I took the hint and pulled out a few rolls of yarn.  After a little thought, I had several things I wanted us to try.  This  fun yarn wrapped apple craft is just one.  I just love how they turned out and we now have a little Fall decor out already.


yarn wrapped apple craft with kids


Yarn Wrapped Apple Craft


how to make yarn wrapped apples


Supplies/what we used:


mod podge


red yarn




glass cups








How to make:


Take a bowl and add glue.  I used mod podge like I did a few years ago when big brother and I made yarn wrapped eggs.  I added a little water to the glue and mixed.


Blow up balloons and set on counter.


Next I unraveled some yarn.  I wrapped it on my fingers and dipped down in the glue mix.  I thought my second child was going to help but he said not with this part.  He said it was too messy.  This coming from a kid that will sit in a pile of dirt.




Once you have your yarn wet with glue mix pull it back out.  Now, take your balloon in hand and wrap the yarn around the surface.  This can be tricky but just keep at it.  I had to cut more yarn off to add to the balloon.  You might could try one really long strand but I thought it would be hard to dip and wrap.

Place the yarn wrapped balloon in the glass cup and let dry.  I left mine overnight.


Once dry, pop the balloon inside and pull out.  Caution! The yarn is firm but fragile.  Do not squeeze your yarn apple.




Last I grabbed some green pipe cleaners ( thanks craftprojectideas.com for the craft goodies) and bent and cut to form a leaf for each apple.  I placed them on the yarn apple last.  Each “apple” came out looking different but that is ok.  I think it gives them charm.  The kids are excited to have them sitting on the mantle.

yarn wrapped apple craft




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